MacGregor Releasing Bit with Short Shanks
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MacGregor Releasing Bit with Short Shanks

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Pre- order now.

Approx. 8 week wait for bit.  

This is a 5 inch bit.  Actual measurement is 5 1/8 inch.

Watch this video I did on the bit:

This is the short shanked version of the MacGregor Releasing bit.  

I have found this bit super valuable for those who need to show, who
neck rein their horses, who need slight help on training horse to
drop their heads, or who needed a stronger bit to stay safe on the 

This bit seems comfortable for so many horses and can even facilitate
gait in a horse because of the lower head set it encourages.  Often bigger
shanked bits are painful for horses because of the high port and long shanks.
This bit is designed to be gentle and help them easily give their nose
without compressing the neck with an artifical headset.

Bit is made of high quality stainless steel with a sweet iron mouthpiece.
Does not include curb strap.  

From Scot MacGregor:

"If the horse lifts out of roundness or pokes his nose, it angles the lower  

shank downward increasing the cue pressure to round. Horses quickly 
learned that extremely light pressure was to be earned by rounding and
this understanding transferred back to other bits including loose ring

In testing, horses released down by stretching forward to the bit. 
No  curling or lifting back into the chest compressing the neck.

When the horse lifts out of roundness or thrusts his nose  out, the 
shank activates to help re-round the horse. The horse quickly
feels this torque release upon rounding and seeks a round position. 

This  reward for compliance, relationship, transfers to all other bits 
including  snaffles and is the main benefit of this design. The flat 
part of the lower shank should rotate to match the line of the  rein, 
releasing torque but maintaining contact creating consistency in 
gaited horses.

At rest, the shank has angle to the rein. During any resistance by 
nose  poking or lifting out of roundness, the shank has angle to the 
rein  activating normal curb action. When the horse complies and 
rounds the rein and shank tend to align lessening the rotational 
effect of the curb,  rewarding compliance. Contact tends to quickly 
become soft as the  horse experiences this lightening action and 
complies resulting in  softness on the aids. The forward breaking 
shank causes the horse to round forward and  through negating any 
compression found in many curb bits. This helps  to elasticize the long 
muscles in the horse's back and activate a more  reaching and round
 foreleg swim style stroke with each stride in the  shoulder and fore 
legs and increases engagement for a longer stride in  the rear legs." 

Scot MacGregor

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