Instant DVDs Vol. I & II (download)
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Instant DVDs Vol. I & II (download)

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Don't want to wait for a DVD to come in the mail?  Watch and download volume I & II instantly!

This video is to help all gaited horse owners who want a smooth gait on the trail.  It doesn't matter what breed you have, your horse can learn to do a smooth gait on a loose rein. 

This movie includes footage of training with different breeds of horses:

  • Tennessee Walk Horse
  • Rocky Mountain Horse
  • Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
  • Missouri Foxtrotter
  • Paso Fino 

I use slow motion to point out what feet to watch. 

Learn how to tell what gait your horse is doing. 

Find out what a stepping pace is and why it isn't the correct gait.

Learn how to get your horse to relax before you start training a smooth gait.

I explain how to use poles to get your pacey horse smooth.

Exercises to train your horse to drop his head and relax!

 Volume I: 70 Minutes Long

Have you ever wanted to see exactly what training a pacey horse to gait looks like?  Now you can.  In this dvd, I show you the complete training, from bumpy to smooth with a 12 year old Rocky Mountain gelding. 

I explain what I am doing as I train this horse over 7 days.  I mainly use the ground poles, so can see how I use them and important things to know when working with a pacey horse. 

Volume II: 130 Minutes Long

Instand download (this does NOT include a DVD copy).

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